A New Approach to DMCA Protection
Posted by dmcatakedownczar, 03/05/2018 7:32 am

DMCA refers to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that was passed to protect original and copyrighted material from being used or stolen via the internet. It is often difficult to detect links and sources of piracy, so there are software products and services to detect copy infringements for website owners. If an infringement is detected, a request for a takedown is extended to the originator of the link that is using, selling, or profiting from intellectual property, digital images, and music available online.


There are a few problems associated with dmca takedown service. The software used can be hacked by cyber criminals, which means the site is as vulnerable as it is without the protection in place. Another problem is that the source is not always detectable. Requests for takedown can also be completely ignored, which means the source has to be found and taken down manually.

Until that is accomplished, someone else is illegally profiting from the work of the website owner. That not only effects revenues for the person or group that created that eLearning course, it is also allowing the criminal to steal the information and use it as their own. Mass-produced software for anti-piracy protection is a one-size-fits-all solution to these problems.

Customized Solutions

Taking the approach that one size does not fit all, DMCA Takedown Czar provides dedicated protection programs for each industry. A music producer will not be protected by the same program developed for a law firm or a photographer. Programs for each industry are customized to suit specific needs and circumstances of individual website owners. The basis is an innovative Enforcer protection platform offered at dmcatakedownczar.com.

The platform is combined with in-house teams that are trained and experienced at detecting infringements that may be missed by other protection service companies. The success rate of services is very high, hence the title of Takedown Czar for team members. Free consultations are available and the services developed are focused on providing a high return on the investment. This is evident by transparent reports and measurable results.

Industries Served

Services and dedicated programs are available for marketers, course creators, and a total of nine information products vendors including WordPress developers, authors and publishers, film and video producers, and software developers. There is also an “Other” category among the selections, so do not hesitate to leave contact information and a brief description of the business if it does not fall under any specific category. Enterprise solutions are offered as well.

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